25 February 2012

Friends visiting from home....

It is two weeks ago since my dear friends left us to go back to Norway after 10 days in Auckland. Yes, we had only 10 days but wow! did we do a lot of things while they were here!

We did sightseeing in the harbour of Auckland, Devonport, shopping, trip to Rotorua, saw the sheep show at the Agrodome, Wai-O-Tapu geothermal sculptured after vulcanic activity thousands of years ago, Taupo, Huka Falls (even saw a couple of young rafters going down the falls), lunch & dinners everywhere, visit to the farm & the in-laws, Matakana & concert, Omaha beach etc.
Lovely days with lots of laughs.

Here are some pictures:

Auckland on a very sunny day!
A visit to ceramic heaven, Morris & James. Anne, Aud Torunn and I.

Yes please...and....

yes please

Omaha beach...and a view to the Pacific Ocean

Concert in Matakana....a bit quiet early evening, but music was great

Agrodome and sheep show in Rotorua

Wai-O-Tapu's geothermals

...and it is very hot here!

Beautiful colors from the nature
This was a few teaspoons of how we had it during their visit. We are now back to work and normal days.
The summer is not over yet, but the autumn has said a few hellos the last few days. It has been windy, overcast and a bit of rain. Temperature is still all right.

We are also planning a trip home in September. Still a bit to go but time is flying.

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