7 March 2011

Last night with the girls (until next time anyway)

On our last night back home in Norway before departure to New Zealand the next morning,
we had a great night with my dear friends at the Mississippi restaurant in town.
Table was booked, Creole cuisine was enjoyed by all of us while good stories popped up during the whole night. There were laughter and there were tears.

I have met my dear friends during different parts of life. One of them I have known since we both were three years old! and we have kept in touch most of the time.That is quite a long time to have known someone.
One I met during my teenage years, one I met at work in the 90s and one I met 14 years ago when I also met my husband.
The most incredible part of the story is that they all fit so well together.
You would think they all knew each other already!

It is good fun to get them all together in front of the fire at the restaurant, enjoy some great food and wine, and one good story after another pops up and there are all laughter and/or tears.
It can't get better than that.

Ms. L, Ms. A, Ms. A.T. Ms. N and moi. - all with stars in our eyes. Photo: Ms. N
...and I have left these great ladies behind after years with coffee meetings, laughter, tears, secrets,
shopping (sometimes even secret shopping), red wine, white wine, trips, 40th celebration and a lot more.
It feels awkward and a bit sad. Luckily most of them have told me they will come to New Zealand to visit us. I was very happy to hear that. You are all more than welcome.

Thank you girls for a great time. There will be more to come...as there will be trips home to see you (and the family). You better have the coffee (and wine) ready :)

Have a lovely spring time. See you!

Love T.

PS. If you want to enjoy the Creole cuisine in front of the fire at Mississippi in Kristiansand, they are based in Vestre Strandgate 22. Enjoy!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Yes, it's tough to say goodbye, carry their love with you in your heart, and you never walk alone...

    Have a great day,

    Hugs Ingrid :)

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    Thank you for your very nice words.
    I will keep them in my mind.
    Btw, thank God for Skype and email!!!

    A nice day to you too. :)



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