19 March 2011


This expression comes from a necklace I have from Swedish jewellery designer Efva Attling. It means "The way to the stars". The necklace was found at a dealer in Amagerbrodgade in Copenhagen on this trip.
Oh, and I almost forgotten to tell you. Got the "Two Some" earrings on this trip.

SIC ITUR AD ASTRA necklace from Efva Attling

I really love jewellery in every color and shape, but they should not be unpleasant to wear.
I always find new favourites, but there are some I always will fall back to and wear over and over again.
I do not prefer a particular style of jewellery. One day I am wearing turquoise beads and color all over the place. The next day it is back to my minimalistic silver wear. It depends on the day, weather, mood and what I am doing.

One of my favourite Scandinavian jewellery designer's is Efva Attling from Stockholm, Sweden.
You may already have heard about her. Does the HOMO SAPIENS and CARPE DIEM jewellery sound familiar?

Efva Attling. Picture from www.efvaattlingstockholm.com
Efva made her first piece of jewellery as an eleven year old and started learning at a silversmith as a 16 year old. Shortly after this she was discovered by model agent Eileen Ford and was modelling in Milan, New York and Paris for the next 12 years.
During the 80's she started her own band X Models, kept on writing, designing clothes and singing.
From 1996 she was back where she started; designing silver, gold and precious stones jewellery and the rest is history.

BIG KISS necklace
TWO SOME earrings
If you want to see the steps from first idea to actually making the jewellery, have a look at "Beauty with a thought".
Efva Attling also has an online shop and ship out of Europe. You'll find more info here.

Unfortunately, Efva Attling does not have a dealer in New Zealand. The nearest shops are in Melbourne and Sydney. To  find the addresses, go here.


Photos from https://www.efvaattling.com/en/artiklar/necklaces/index.html

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