8 August 2014

Summer greetings

The title could be a little bit confusing as we have winter in Auckland now.
However, we are very lucky to be in Norway right now and have already been here for almost 5 weeks.
What a holiday! The weather has been incredible most days and we have enjoyed life to the full.
We have also been in both Gotheburg and Oslo to meet good, old friends.
Next on the menu (so to speak) is the Shellfish Festival in Mandal.

Happy summer!

Some pictures from this year's incredible summer attached below.

Skjernøya, Mandal - heaven on earth

Sjøbu (fishing equipment storage), Skjernøya

View from restaurant by Akershus Fortress, Oslo
"Rogna" - Art in Mandal

BBQ at Birkeland

We had visitors from New Zealand

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