4 January 2016

More ear lollies in my web shop!

It is good fun creating earrings so there are more to chose from in my web shop now.
I have also tided up a little as it is a new year and new possibilities.

These earrings are 10mm two-colored antique bronze covered in resin which make them nice and shiny!

Dark Blue & Turquoise ear studs

Gold & Cherry Red ear studs

Dark Blue & Cherry Red ear studs

Below earrings are 14mm silver leaver-back in two-colors (apart from the turquoise ones) and also covered in resin.
Some of them have also a matching heart necklace and you will find them in my web shop.

Dark Blue & Raspberry Red silver leaver-back earrings

Dark Blue & Turquoise silver leaver-back earrings

Gold & Cherry Red silver leaver-back earrings

Turquoise silver leaver-back earrings

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