8 January 2012

Hakuna Matakana!!!

Hi all!
The title is borrowed from the very known Disney song "Hakuna Matata". I thought the place we went to last weekend, sounded a bit similar. We went to Matakana in the Rodney district about 45 minutes drive north of Auckland known for its art galleries and vineyards. We have been here before when we visited the Morris&James pottery shop a few months ago.

This time we didn't visit the pottery as we had other places to see. Matakana centre is a small place with lovely shops, art galleries and cafes. A place full of tourists during the summer and where it is rather quiet during the winter months. The beaches in the area are very popular and we visited a few of them. My better half has childhood memories from this place when he went on holiday with his parents and grandparents as a kid.

The weather was nice and warm, but a bit overcast as you can see. Anyway, it was way better than the weather we have here now; rain and more rain.

Snells beach
Sandspit in low tide


Time for a break?

Martins Bay

Martins Bay

A mural on the toilet wall

Gift shop
Cows on a mission!

...secondhand shop

Annah Stretton - known for her beautiful dresses

...and more tempting shops

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