4 April 2011

Gone pottery!

This weekend my dear husband took me on a surprise trip since it was my day on Saturday (and he is the expert of surprises).
So I packed my bag and got into the car in a hurry and off we went. The trip went past endless, beautiful landscapes. Green hills, vineyards, art galleries, small cafes all the way.
I couldn't be more surprised when he turned off at the Morris & James pottery shop.
What a place!

Picture from www.purematakana.co.nz

We arrived in beautiful sunny weather to a place that just makes your shoulders fall back in place.
In the backyard you'll find the Pottery Cafe where you can sit down and enjoy the pottery exhibited in the garden while getting a top up of caffeine.

Morris & James makes beautiful handcrafted pots and wall art. The colors are stunning. Just imagine having this as a job - every day?

I took a lot of photos but when we got back home, I understood why the camera was acting "funny".
I had taken small videos instead of photos. How silly...
Luckily I found this little video from Morris & James so you can see the Pottery Cafe, the shop and how they make their pots (or rather not...). Enjoy!

This beauty came with us home. Isn't it beautiful?

New family member - from the Aztek collection
So if you feel like getting out of the city, this place is recommended.

Opening Hours:
9am till 5pm daily

Open 7 days per week all year round except:
Good Friday
Christmas and Boxing Day
Anzac Day morning
Thursday before the annual Labour Weekend Sale

FREE tour everyday at 11.30 (groups of over 12 please call us to arrange)

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