17 March 2010

Donkeyboy : Ambitions

Hi all!

New idea from me! I want to introduce some Norwegian and Scandinavian music for you to listen to.
It is sad to see that we are missing out on each other's music due to the distances between our countries.

The first one is an easy listening song called "Ambitions". It is sung in English so no guessing what it is about this time.

The band is called Donkeyboy and the song is written, directed and cut by Kristoffer Borgli. http://www.kristofferborgli/. Donkeyboy is a pop band from Drammen, Norway, formed in 2005. The band consists of Cato Sundberg (vocals, rhythm guitar) Kent Sundberg (synth, backing vocals) Peter Michelsen (guitar, backing vocals), Thomas Drabløs (drums), and Alexander Garborg Ågedal (bass guitar). Linnea Dale is a guest vocalist on "Ambitions". The song was released in 2009.

On the Norwegian page, music from New Zealand will be introduced. Let's share! :0)

Hope you like it.

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