28 February 2011

Don't Dream It's Over

...and I am still dreaming! Yesterday's concert with Crowded House at the Villa Maria Estate Winery was fantastic!

People had brought their camping chairs, cooler bags, sunglasses and sunhats and made themselves comfortable in front of the stage. The venue is fabulous. I have never been to a concert at a vinyard before. At the vinyard they were selling wine (of course! doh!) and food, so everyone could meet the needs from both tastebuds and empty stomachs.

Picture from a previous concert. www.villamariaconcert.co.nz

The weather was beautiful. Sun, happy concert goers, a bit of wine and food. What more could we wish for?
Music maybe?
...which we got as well. Crowded House is a band I got to know in the end of the 80's when "Don't Dream It's Over" was played repeatbly over the radio. I didn't hear more from them over the years - until I met my husband who had most of the albums from this band.

It was good fun to see the band live. The band's members have changed over the years for various reasons, but Neil Finn (vocals and songwriter) and Nick Seymour (guitar) are still in it together. The new members are Mark Hart (keyboard and guitar) and Matt Sherrod (drums).

This is Fall At Your Feet from their Live Earth concert in Sydney in 2007. Isn't it lovely? Melt..
The new album "Intrigue" was released in June. Here is the link to ITunes.

I have previously made a presentation of the Finn Brothers on my Norwegian Blog. If you want to have a look, go here.

We also got a chance to listen to the guest band Supergroove (check the link for more music) who are a very energetic New Zealand band who started playing in 1989/90, broke up in 1997 and started up again in 2007 with a new band name. Energetic is an understatement. They were all over the stage. Their music is within blues, rock and rap and the songs are all mixed up within these styles. Not a lot wiser (regarding the mix of music styles) after their guest appearance, but woav! they can entertain....and Che-Fu's voice is wonderful.

Listen to the song Inside My Head from the band's younger days. This song was also played yesterday. Me like!
Let's do one more. This is the well known Can't Get Enough.

The New Zealand artist Seth Haapu was the first guest artist of the night, but unfortunately we were too late to see him performing. Here are the songs Stereotype og Bones and link to ITunes here.

The people of Christchurch were not forgotten during last night's concert. There were collections done by Red Cross and several of the songs were dedicated to the them.
They will not be forgotten and there will be an ongoing procedure of getting the city back to how it were before the earthquake. For donation, have a look here.


  1. Oh wow! Sounds like a dream day! The music is just mmmmm... Enjoy your lazy hazy days of summer girl!

    Greetings from snowy Norway,

    hugs Ingrid :)

    P.S: I made a new roll: My blogfriends, couldn't put you in the interior one, but u sure needed a place!

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    It was a really nice & dreamy day. I just loved it!
    To make it even better; we have another concert the coming weekend. Life is good :)...and it will be another story on the blog next week...haha

    Thanks for adding me to your blogfriend's roll.
    I really appreciate it.

    Have a nice day!



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