6 May 2015

Day off and last news

Hi there!

It is Wednesday and my day off. Every second Wednesday is my day off from a job that quite often can be very stressful. I noticed this week that I have had enough. Monday was a day of hell and I had reached my limit. Yesterday afternoon all phones and email had their out of office notices added and then shut down.
It felt really good.

Woke up to sunshine and beautiful weather today, but it has been a slow day. Not much energy left here and I don't really know how to get it back. No energy for biking, baking or shopping which is quite unusual. So Bella and I have shared a yoghurt in the backyard and we are both happy.

The autumn has arrived, but the weather is still good. I love those crispy mornings and the autumn is very welcome!

Last week, I started on 2nd term of the silver jewellery course.
My second project, the heart pendant is finally finished and you can see a picture on the right side of this page and also below. I have also added a little page on the right side where you can check out my projects when they are completed.

I really enjoy the course and learn a lot. It is very calming to be around people that are creating the most amazing pieces to give away to family. There are some lucky wives, daughters and grandchildren out there. Most people seems to give away their jewellery and do not sell it.
I have not gotten that far that I can make a piece for another person just yet, but hope to get there one day. I would say it is a very special gift to have a piece of jewellery especially made for you!

Heart silverpendant

During the Easter break we went to Melbourne. It is 10 years since last time we were there - also during the Easter break. The city has changed quite a bit since last visit. 10 years ago it was difficult to find a cafe open for breakfast during the Easter weekend and most shops were closed.

This time most cafes and shops were open and we found heaps of wonderful cafes and restaurants.
The shopping was done on the last day. We wanted to use this weekend for relaxation and sightseeing instead.
I did not take many photos. It was nice to just relax and to be together.

Our weekly biking trips are usually done on Sundays. It is a great way to get rid of some stress from the previous week and after 15 km of uphill climbs over wooden roots and downhill trills you are tired but in a good way.

In March I participated in my first mountain bike competition. I was a little nervous as you always think everyone else is better and fitter, but the reality was most people can do this.
I did not win of course and I was not the last one either. My darling husband joined me (he would probably rather have taken the long track) but he is a good husband that want me to feel safe and happy. I may even participate next year as well.

Here we are. Photos taken by Photos4sale.

Have a good time everyone and enjoy life :)

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