20 April 2010

Betty's beads

We are back in Norway again to an early spring and cold wind. There are a lot of hope around in the streets. Some are even wearing summer clothes even though the temperature is just around 9C! Crazy.

The balconies are full of flowers again though we are a bit weary. The nights are still a bit too cold so the fragile plants have to be moved inside during nighttime.

Anyway, I was not supposed to talk about springtime in Norway, but the beads I got to use at the farm while visiting. Mother-in-law had been taking care of some of her mother's old necklaces and I was lucky enough to be allowed to use the beads for new jewellery! I felt like a 6 year old with a treasure box in front of me. 

The treasure box

Sorted beads - new and old

What a lovely mess!

I used hours to go through the box to sort the necklaces, beads and colors. Here is the result:

In Bettys memory

A colorful necklace in the memory of a kind, elegant and colorful lady.

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