30 April 2010

How to make a kiwi love you

Yesterday evening I was making some foccasia breads and asked my husband if he wanted to have olive or sun dried tomatoes inside them. "Surprise me!" he said - so I made him Vegemite swirls!

Never heard of Vegemite swirls? I am not surprised. I am more surprised that there are not even a Vegemite ice cream to find in a country where Vegemite is so popular. Or chocolate covered Vegemite lollies? Vegemite crackers.... you name it....

Anyway, I put some small Vegemite swirls on to the tray (made the same way as pizza swirls or cinnamon swirls, just with Vegemite spread instead of sugar, cinnamon and butter or pizza ingredients). Roll them up and cut them into pieces and into the oven on approx. 200C.

Earning brownie points

Aren't they cute?

I think I earned some brownie points....reallly... my Vegemite loving husband said they were fab. He is still smiling.

Almost there!

A happy kiwi
Recipe for two foccasia breads and some few Vegemite swirls....or just heaps of Vegemite swirls...

1 liter of flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 bag of dry yeast
Lukewarm water
Sea salt for toppings

Vegemite swirls:

Foccasia bread:
Sundried tomatoes or olives

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