22 April 2010

Shabby chic necklaces

In Scandinavia the spring is slowly arriving - though you sometimes may forget it. It has been a freezing cold day here today, cloudy and a little bit of rain. Due to the bad spring weather, I thought we could need a bit of inspiration.
I have made these shabby chic / romantic looking necklaces which would look good with light summer clothes while running through the fields of grass with a bucket of blue berries (self picked of course). Oh...that was a long sentence...but you get the picture I hope...

The colors are purple, grey, black, mustard/brown and metal. All the necklaces have a clasp lock so you can easily adjust the lenght by whirling it around your neck. The colors would probably fit well with the autumn colors as well.

For more info, see http://hoopsydaisy.blogspot.com/p/jewellery-for-sale-2010.html

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