5 April 2010

Life on the farm

We are living on the farm at present which is normally a fairly quiet life.
That has all changed though.

Since last year, two goats have moved in. They suddenly arrived one morning, nobody missed them and they have since stayed here. They didn't have any names before we arrived (we came and stayed too!).
Now they are called Tikka and Masala (after the famous, delicious Indian dish containing goat meat...yeah...I know it is mean...). The last week, they have also been called Louis and Vuitton, but that is another story.

Tikka is also called Houdini since she very often escape the pen to eat from the delicious vine plants.
The cows seems to like the plants as well, so there must be something good in there.

Here are the goats:

Tikka in the background and Masala on the way
Tikka is sceptical. Where are my vines?

Curious Masala

Is the camera edible?

Apart from the goats, there are also a good selection of various plants and trees.
My favorite is the chestnut trees. On the farm there are two types of chestnuts trees. Both are picked and sold. Among Asians it is popular to boil the chestnut in sugar to make sweets. The chestnuts grows inside the prickly husks. When the husk falls down to the ground, you can either pick the nuts from the ground or open the husk to get it. The husk normally contain 2-3 nuts.
Chestnut trees


Chestnut Lane

Ready to be sorted

There are also other plants and trees here, like apple trees, lemon and lime trees / bushes and tomatoes and lettuce and heaps of other plants as well. Palm trees are also grown  here.

Palm trees - in all sizes
A small lemon tree


We have also very popular Farm Art here. This one is created by father-in-law. It is called "A Man on Stilts". Impressive I think.

A Man On Stilts
 There are even special signs for when work is over for the day. Check this one:

Work is over

Greetings from the farm

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