13 November 2010

Dear Mum

Mum had her birthday on Tuesday and we are going to celebrate her on Saturday. Everyone in the clan is getting together at my parents' place for some good food and laughs.

I made this Pearl Twist necklace for her on her big day and it should match the bracelet she picked out from my bracelet stack a few months ago. I know she has used it a lot and wanted something that she could wear with it.
The color is as vibrant as she is and should match her good mood and chic style when she is at the local cafe with her friends.

At least she is ready for the summer (we just have to get through the winter first...). The sun will be returning soon though. It can come now. Mum is ready.
Happy birthday Mum!

Pearl Twist necklace made of turqoise chips, swarovski and glass beads

..and here is the bracet it will be worn with...

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