5 November 2010

It's a wrap!

You may remember a while back that my husband went to New Zealand and I was all about no jinxes and only hopes.
Well, it worked.
Now we are moving there. In January.
I am all excited and a tiny bit scared. It is far away from my home.

Anyway, I am sure it will be good to settle down for a while. We have had about 12 years of travelling + - with some longer stop-overs in between.

I am dreaming about my own garden with an olivetree, tomato plants and my bird-of-paradise back in place. Still hoping for a cat....hints....haha...(if I could make the word blink, it would....)

PS: If you by any chance are moving to Kristiansand, Norway (where I live now) and need furniture, have a look here (all in Norwegian). Please send me an email if any questions.

The Viaduct, Auckland

A lovely pohutukawa tree

View towards Devonport

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