27 November 2010

Summer memories

The boxes have gone (and yes...they will end up with dear Mrs. M until we have our own place - see her cheecky comment on my last article), my shoulders feels way lighter and the apartment is very empty.
Winter has arrived here, -10C at the moment. Freezing...Yes....

My thoughts are with you all out there in the cold wherever you are in the world. It is painful to be cold. We need warm memories. That's why I hereby send you some warm thoughts with the help of my pictures from Auckland last summer.

Have a cup of tea, get your blanket, close your eyes and think about your favorite beach, white sand, blue skies and summer music.
Are you there yet?

Devonport, Auckland

A tree full of wisdom. Imagine if it could talk.

Toi toi plants by Victoria Park, Auckland

A lemon tree in the garden

The Viaduct, Auckland

Devonport - again...a favorite place to take photos

A cabbage tree in Devonport, Auckland
Did you know that in older days the maories used the cabbage tree to make sandals and bags from the fiber and medicines and food as well. This is one of the native trees in New Zealand and it blossom early in the summer. The flowers turns into blue and white berries which are eaten by the birds.

Did it help? Any warmer now?

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