28 November 2010

Winter reality

Woke up from my warm summer memories and realized winter is still on.

I had a trip to Mandal (approx 45 min west from Kristiansand) to visit my friend Nina today.
The weather is freezing. The wind make the temperature feel like it is -15C and it is not refreshing any more.
I can tell you that. This weather make you appreciate the heat inside your house.

I took these pics with my mobile phone on the way home this evening.
The Christmas decorations are out and it looks pretty cosy. I will try and get some more pictures from the main street later.

This is from Skippergata, one of my favorite streets in Kristiansand.

Christmas decorations in a shop window

Decorations above the street
Christmas tree in the street and lights in the shop window

Cute hearts in a cafe window


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