27 January 2011

Old McDonald had a farm...

It's a warm day here in Auckland today, so warm that I had to sit in the shade to read my magazines.
I have also spent some time with the camera and befriended the emus chickens who are a funny bunch of...birds....
Well, they are bit older than chickens now. I would almost call them teenagers. They make a lot of noise, mess and have cool hairdo's.
Below you can see the fab five catching up through the fence. One is even trying to steal my camera!
If I hadn't been watching, there wouldn't be any more pictures....uhh...

Cute camera thief
Click on the picture for bigger format.

Albezzia tree
This is a big farm with a lot of space for plants and trees. It is good fun to see the different plants we just can dream of in the northern hemisphere. Above you can see one of the two Albezzia trees on the farm (also called umbrella trees). Isn't it lovely? The flowers are bushy and pink and the branches give us much needed shade in the hot sun.
Pacific Rose

We have gotten apples as well. Heaps of them!!! The reason is all the rain they have had here lately. I haven't noticed any (rain), but I just have to believe them...haha

A Tui feeder without a Tui...

You'll find all kind of vegetables, flowers and fruit here. At the moment there are a big pumpkin plant behind the shed. If you have ever ordered a tempura dish in a Japanese restaurant, you may recall the yellow flower. It is used together with vegetables, battered and deep fried.Yum. There are also orange- and lemon trees, cucumber and passion fruits. The red flower is called Holy Hocks and has been kept in the family for generations.

I love the summer!

PS. If you want to read from last time we stayed on the farm, have a look here.
The goats are probably turned to curry long time ago....sorry...

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