24 February 2011

Earthquake in Christchurch

As you all probably have heard about, Christchurch has again been hit by an earthquake. Last time was in September last year, where only buildings were damaged. This time it is so much worse.
Families have lost their loved ones, friends and colleagues. It's heartbreaking to watch the news and it all feels very close.

During the evening local time when the news reached my family and friends in Norway, worried messages were ticking in.
Picture from NZ Herald
Some didn't know the distances here and were of course worried about what had happened.
And luckily I could tell them that we are far away from the quake and the family is all fine. So we have been lucky this time. There are so many others that have not.

 Graphic: Tom Byermoen / VG.
On the third day after the quake, the news are still running non-stop on TV.
There are still hopes to find more survivors. And we are hoping.
Miracles are what we need now.

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