3 February 2011

Shopping in Newmarket

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Shoppaholic monster is back!

After a week on the farm, it was time for city life again, so I took the train to Newmarket for some much needed shopping therapy. It was lovely to see the city again. All the shops and cafes...ahhh...

Newmarket, known for its good selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment,  is in the centre of Auckland (just 5 minutes on the train from Britomart). Check this little movie from Newmarket (click on the 30 sec shopping tour link).

First stop was Cue, an Australian high fashion store known for its classic qualitywear with a twist.
Formal wear is not necessary where I come from, but here it is and with the Casual Friday being the norm, I was in big need for more workwear.

Allanah Hill

There was no problem finding garments at Cue as I had a very skilled and helpful shop assistant finding all type of cool clothes to try. It was actualy hard to chose!!!
The sale was on, but it had been on for quite a while and the best was probably picked already, so I went for the autumn collection. Now I am ready for job search and interviews (hopefully) when the time is ready.

From Nuffield Street

After business there is pleasure, it was time for cargoshort's hunt! I wanted a pair that was smart enough for city use. I found them at JeansWest, a jeans store with a very good collection of casual wear.

Also found a lovely top at General Issue in Nuffield Street. Nuffield Street is part of a new shopping area in Newmarket with a very good selection of quality shops. General Issue merchandises brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister which both are known for supersoft cotton wear.

Karen Walker - well known designer from NZ

After this lovely marathon it was time for lunch. One of my favorite cafe's/bookstore's is based inside the Rialto building, called Baci Lounge "where the coffee has body, the books have minds and the business has a soul". Very good coffee and a good selection of tasty local fare. While you are enjoying your lunch, you are able to read the books offered for sale in the bookstore. There are also a nice view down to the main street Broadway.

The Rialto building has also the best cinema in city. The Rialto Cinema has a good selection of European, local movies and film festivals (next one the Windows of Europe starting in March).

I didn't take a lot of photos this time, sorry. It was just lovely to be back in the buzzling city.
Next time I will visit another part of Auckland and I will tell you all about it. Promise.

See you!

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