16 February 2011

Luv and passion

There is hope. I realized it today.

We are just past the big Valentine's Day and passion has been running on full speed for a whole day.

After doing the dishes today (sorry not much passion there) I saw these fruits on the bench.
They are called passion fruit and who would have believed that was the best name to be picked for this fruit?
Just look at them...

Passion fruit

Dry, grey and wrinkley...

That's why there is hope. There will always be some passion, whatever age and looks.
Whatever we look like on the outside, there is still chances for some sweet passion fruit on the inside (or just a little bit luv).Cause it is the inside that matters. Even for a wrinkley passion fruit.

Happy passion - all year around!

For the hungry ones: More recipes to be found here.

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