14 February 2011

The Viaduct, one wedding and no funeral

Thursday night we went to the one year celebration of the Americas Cup win for Oracle Racing.
The venue was based in the Viaduct and while I was contemplating wheather I should attack the bar on my own or wait for my darling to come back from work, I took some photos in the Viaduct.

The weather was sunny and warm and the Viaduct was a busy place to be.

View towards the restaurants

By the time below picture was taken we were both safe and happy at the party after a delicious meal and some glasses of wine. Sorry about the bad photo quality. It was hard to take photos while eating pavlova... 
Mum...I didn't raide the bar, I asked politely every time.

Last weekend we went to a beautiful family wedding north of Auckland at the Long Bay Beach.
Beautiful bride, handsome groom and tearful speaches...and some good laughs. Again - I am lazy with the photos. I may put one on the blog if the bride and groom allows me, but I need to get one first as well.
All my ones had heads sticking up from the bottom of the photos - anyone had the same problem before?

Long Bay Beach

Outdoor area at the Long Bay restaurant
You can read more about Long Bay restaurant here.

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