6 March 2011

New concert at Villa Maria

Once again we got the chance to enjoy a great concert at Villa Maria Estate Winery. Different bands this time though.
Yesterday night, the "More FM Winery Tour Summer 2011" was on. They have been touring 19 places in New Zealand this summer with the bands Brooke Fraser, Opshop and Midnight Youth.
I just have to say: We are so lucky to be able to see all these concerts in the same city we are living in!

The big change from last Saturday was the weather. Not that the sun was any brighter..no.. we had pouring rain this time. Like real heavy rain. I like to call it liquid sunshine, but it doesn't really make it any better. :)
All we could do was to put on the rain gear and wellies - and get out there.
There were a lot of umbrellas, tents and "rainproof" outfits. I don't know how kiwis do it, but I have a feeling that they don't feel the cold. Not that it was really cold, but during the evening and all the rain, it must have been just a wee bit cold? I definitely felt it....and I come from a much colder country. I am just saying it, cause there weren't a lot of proper rain gear to see. So if anyone can tell me their secret, it would be great. So much better than having to wear all those heavy clothes... Anyway, got a bit sidetracked there.hehe...

All pictures from www.villamariaconcerts.co.nz

I didn't know the bands that well. I had heard some songs on the radio (without knowing it was them playing...), so the concert turned out to be a lot better than anticipated.
I am now a big fan of them all! What a great concert!

Last night it was Brook Fraser who was the queen of the night, together with the guest bands Opshop and Midnight Youth. All are from New Zealand.

Brook Fraser is a young lady with heaps of musical talents. She has a lovely voice (if you think of honey, warm summer nights, bare toes in soft, green grass - you are nearby). She is singing her own songs, playing the piano and guitar together with the band members from New Zealand, Australia and the US.
She is known for quite a few catchy songs from her two first albums, like Better, Shadowfeet, Arithmetic and Deciphering Me. Her latest album "Flags", released in October 2010, has just made an impressive debut in charts around the world and at # 1 in NZ, powered by her latest number one single, the irresistible Something In The Water.

Listen to "Something In The Water" from the album "Flags".

One more in the beautiful collection of Brook's songs. Here is "Shadowfeet" from the album "Albertine".

If you want to follow her tours, listen to more songs, downloads etc, check in here.
The songs are so beautiful it is hard to chose which one to listen to first...

Opshop was the second band to perform last night. Opshop is a New Zealand rock band whom was formed in 2002. The band has four members, Jason Kerrison (vocal), Bobby Kennedy (drums), Matt Treacy (guitar) and Clinton Harris (bass guitar).

For the fans out there, go to this page to find out what you can do to join them in their new music video “Love Will Always Win”.

Here is my favourite "Pins and Needles" from their last album "Until The End Of Time".

One more for you guys! "No Ordinary Things" from the album "You Are Here".

I have previously introduced Jason and his band on my Norwegian Blog where he was singing "Beside You" together with Annika Moa. Check in here for a repeat.

Several of the members of the band are from Christchurch. It was heartbreaking to see the band and the concert goers gathering for 30 seconds silence as a mark of respect for victims of the Christchurch earthquake. The singers of the three bands joined in on "Let It Be" as the last song of the night. Very beautiful and moving.

You can find more info about tours, downloads and videos here.

Midnight Youth was the first guest band last night. A very young and promising band.
They started in 2006 as a pop/rock/soul band and have released one album" The Brave Don't Run" in 2009. Another album is expected released in late 2011.

They have won several nominations in New Zealand, like Best Album "The Brave Don't Run" and best single "All On Our Own" and they are touring in both USA and Australasia.

Current members are Jeremy Redmore (Lead Vocals), Simon Oscroft (Lead guitar/Backing Vocals), Nick Campbell (Keyboard)/Rhythm Guitar), Matt Warman (Bass) and Aidan Bartlett (Drums).

Here is the very catchy single "All On My Own".

One of my biggest favourites is "The Letter". Unfortunately, I can't link directly to You Tube. Just click on the song and you will be addicted too. You are hereby warned... :)

For downloads, music videos, photos and touring dates, check here.

Once again we (my husband & I + friends) got to see a great outdoor concert. There is hopefully more to come...
A great thank you to my dear husband for the wedding anniversary concert tickets. It is greatly appreciated.
Also a thank you to my wellies. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this wet concert without you.

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