29 March 2011

Cirque du Soleil is back....

Well, you have to wait until August for them to be back in Auckland. The chance is here already to get tickets (if you are a Cirque du Soleil member that is).

Many years ago, I was working for Cirque du Soleil while they were in Auckland with their Alegria show.
Almost every night for six weeks I saw the show twice a night. I was one of the ushers (no I wasn't a stand in acrobat sorry) standing by the door, either checking the tickets or leading the patrons to their seats. It was a fun job and something totally different to do.

Picture from www.cirquedusoleil.com

The song Alegria is still on my mind. When I hear it, my thoughts are going straight back to the weeks with the circus. And what a circus! If you don't know it, you may think of elephants and monkeys, but this is a circus of art. Watch the next movies and you will understand. By the way, I have seen three of their shows now, but I haven't seen Saltimbanco who is coming to Auckland in August/September.

Here is a little clip from the Alegria show. I wanted to show you this one so you can see the talented artists and the fantastic costumes. Listen to the Alegria song. It is still on my mind!

This is one of the clowns from the Alegria show. I am not good on goodbyes, so this make my eyes water every time I see it. It made me homesick when seeing the little houses with lit up windows and the snow.
The "snow" made the kids go mad during the break. They thought the paper bits had different colors and wanted to collect them, but they were all white unfortunately. Just like snow...

If you want to book pre-sale tickets, this is the place to go. Remember you have to become a member first.
You won't regret it.

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