31 March 2011

Bookshelf hunt

New update! Myflatpack has now updated their webpage and it is a lot more informative with pictures attached to each item. I have sent them an order for below bookshelf and am waiting for a confirmation.
If I am lucky, the Expedit bookshelf may be in our house early May. Picture will come...

A few weeks ago we moved into our new house, unpacked boxes and a container and are now slowly getting sorted. There are a few things we want to replace when the time is right, but there is one thing we need NOW.

A bookshelf....

If you are used to having IKEA nearby and you don't anymore, you feel a bit lost.
Where to go next?

This was the one we wanted...a simple, reasonable bookshelf, strong with a thick frame around it and nothing more. Our books are going to live there, not the queen, so we just need it to be simple looking.

YES PLEASE.... Expedit bookshelf from IKEA

....but instead there are a lot of settler style bookshelves to find here.
Dark wood, a bit old fashion, heavy looking things.

No thanks...

So it was time to get our maps out, put on our research glasses and get out there to see what was available.

I did a bit of research on internet, but didn't really find what we were looking for.
Yes, there are a lot more cool furniture shops out there than we knew about and some of them sell replica designer furniture and it looks good, but simple looking bookshelves are still not that common.
We were very close to find it some few times, but there were always something that didn't fit in (either material or size wise).

I thought I was very clever when I found MyPack who imports IKEA furniture from Aussie land to NZ. The IKEA shelf was available on their web page (in storage in Auckland), but after a few emails I got to know they didn't have it after all and new ones wouldn't arrive before early May. Please update your web page soon, Mypack. I am desperate!

So if anyone know where I can get a nice, simple white bookshelf approx 185x185cm, please send me an email.

PS. I have made a little overview of furniture stores in Auckland here, so you don't have to "invent the dynamite" all over again...haha

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