11 September 2011


Imagine after just one week in a new job, you have to go on holiday...tough life but that's been me lately.
Holiday was planned well before the job came my way so the little week of holiday was incorporated into the first bit of training.

This time, we went to Musket Cove Resort in Fiji located at the Malolo Leilei Island. We have been to Fiji about 10 years ago and loved it, so this time we picked another resort and loved it even more. After three hours on a plane, a few hours of waiting at an airport hotel (if we had known that the Denarau port was so nice we would have taken a taxi there to wait instead), 30 minutes on a bus and another hour on a ferry, we arrived Musket Cove Resort in darkness with a band playing guitars and singing, candles lit and the whole reception welcoming us by the beach.
We had a little sightseeing around the island on a buggie (think golf car and you are very close) and then we were shown our home for the next few days. A little house with living room, kitchen corner, bathroom and bedroom. Flower decorations were placed all over the place; on the bed, on top of towels and on all the tables. Even outside on the terrace table! Lovely.

Bula. Welcome.

View from our terrace

We met up with a couple of friends while visiting Musket Cove. They are living there permanently and running the resort. We had a sightseeing trip around the island visiting the organic garden project, meeting their three dogs, four cats and two goats and seeing their lovely house with a view to kill for...very softly... Right there and then I was really regretting not taking my camera with me. We walked up the hill the next day to take some photos in the same area while the memories from the night before were still strong.

View from the top

Real coconuts!

In the end, it was the perfect place to go to to be able to get very fast into holiday mood. You couldn't really do anything else than embrasing the lifestyle and just enjoy living. TV and internet doesn't excist in the room and the cell phone has an off button. So simple is that. There are activities like snorkling and sailing, but apart from that it is only the beach to enjoy.

Holiday is now over and it is back to normal life again tomorrow. Not too bad that either.

If you want to read more about Musket Cove, have a look here.

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  1. Enjoy your holidays sweetie!!!!
    11th of september..it's such a date to leave!!!! ;))


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