21 September 2011

House and Garden *august*

Hi everyone!
My oh my how the time is flying! Where did all the hours go? Already September month and I haven't even written about our house and garden for August! Holy Moly....

Since last time, we have gotten a dog. It's very small, yellow, doesn't bark (but I was hoping it did), doesn't eat and is a bit "plasticy". It is a very good "guarden dog" keeping the door open and hold little messages when I am in the backyard.

The guarden dog

Since last time new blinds and curtains have been installed. Looks great. I haven't really gotten any good photos of this so you just have to come and look...haha...they all ended up being surprisingly matchy even thought they are not in the same rooms.

Garden furniture has finally arrived, had a good clean up after living in the city for the last year so now they are just missing some colorful cushions. Soon to come.

From this...
.....to this....peas in the back and carrots in the front
Part of the garden is growing very well. Others not. The tomato seeds just vanished and died.
Tried a second time but gave up and bought a couple of tomato plants. They are still alive so I am very happy.
The peas and carrots seeds are growing crazily. We got some bamboo sticks for them to climb but had to tie them up as well (which you can't see here). One pot of pink tulips have blossomed. The other one (with green tulips!) is supposed to blossom in late spring. Spring doesn't seem to be any close at the moment, so probably just later then. Next year, I hope to have a little corner of the garden for more tulips and other spring flowers.

Herbert the herb pot has had a tough few months. Most of the herbs went to herb heaven and only the lettuces have survived. One of them is really taking off! So we are eating salad in early spring. Bliss.

A blossoming olive tree


So what is up next? I don't really know. We are installing a couple of heaters in the guest bedrooms soon. The front garden need a little tidy up. Some of the trees need a little trim. And there are plenty more that we want to do inside and outside, but hey it is spring soon and time for enjoying wine in the backyard.

More to come....

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