16 October 2011


Last weekend we went to Kerikeri, a small  & lovely village about three hours drive north of Auckland, 20km south of Paihia, Bay of Island. My better half was busy at the radio yacht regatta while in Kerikeri, so I was left on my own among tempting shops and cafes. So what do you do then? Bring the big handbag, sunglasses, water bottle, credit card, magazine (even a Norwegian one - bliss!) and good shoes.

We did visit Kerikeri on my first trip to New Zealand in 1997. However, we didn't visit the centre of Kerikeri then, only The Stone Store which is New Zealand's oldest building. This time we didn't do any sightseeing, so it was my chance to do some research on Kerikeri's boutiques and cafes.


The drive to Kerikeri started Friday night after work. We had dinner on the way and then it was just a matter of getting to the motel as fast as possible (without any attention from uncle Police). We stayed at Kerikeri Court Motel which is a lovely little place with everything you need for a couple of nights. The motel room had both a lounge area, small kitchen corner, bathroom and bedroom . A home away from home. 

Saturday started early as the guide book in the room informed about the shops being open between 9-12 on a Saturday. No time for sleeping then! On with the rags and time to see what the place could offer. The guide book was misguiding a bit though. The shops didn't really open before 0930-1000 (and stayed open until 2 pm), so a little visit to a cafe was needed to kill some time. 

First stop was S'wich Cafe. Best coffee. Delicious burgers for lunch on Sunday.

Later it was coffee at poshnosh. Lovely cafe with its own delicacy corner.
I had also a lovely chicken salad and wine at Fishpot cafe, so life was good.

After the caffeine had kicked in, it was time for shopping therapy. Kerikeri has lovely boutiques stocking known brands from New Zealand and Australia. First shop had known designer gear from New Zealand like Kate Sylvester, Trelise Cooper, Kathryn Wilson and others.

Cocoon became my favourite. Colorful highstreet quality clothes. I bought the skirt pants if you are able to see them in the window (middle mannequin). I think they will look fab with a pair of espadrilles. Bring on the summer please!

The kitchen store on the right picture and The Loft design shop weren't located before Sunday and then it was closed. Bummer. Next time I will pay a visit here as well.


On Sunday it was the Farmer's Market, several walks up and down the street (ok, time was a bit slow that day as everything was closed). Found a park behind the library with this amazing sculpture made of Chris Booth. Kerikeri is also known for its quality chocolate, gallery, transport museum and kauri furniture so there are a bit to see & do here. You'll need a car though.

Back at the motel, this little lady met me. Her name is Cleo and lives there. Cute as a button. I didn't take her home....and if I did, I wouldn't tell you.


If you want to read more about Kerikeri, have a look here.

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