30 October 2011

House and Garden *October*

October has arrived with lovely warm spring weather. We have felt like spoilt brats when it comes to the lovely weather and to be able to enjoy life in the backyard.

There is not a lot of activity around the house at the moment - apart from a bit of weeding. Some plants have been blossoming lately. Below is what met us after our trip to Kerikeri. Aren't they lovely?

Especially the plants by the back wall gave me a pleasant surprise. The colors are just so strong and vibrant. I don't know what the name of the plants are and if you do, please leave a message.

The three last Bird of Paradise flowers are also out.

We have invested in some few garden chairs for the backyard. One of the benches have been moved next to the front door and it fit in really well there.

The tomato plants are growing well. Hopefully there will be some tomatoes there as well in due time.
I have never had an Olive tree in my garden before, so I am just watching it see how it changes. Peas and carrots are also growing well. They are much bigger than on the  picture here. I am amazed!

Monday is not my favorite day - if you were in doubt :)
We got our new dining table and chairs last week. They fit in just perfectly. The table can be extended and would then have space for approx. 10 people. I really like the chairs.

Last weekend I had a little clean up in my clothes. Summer is coming and it would be good to have some clothes ready. I found this really lovely (and cheeky) Lanvin/H&M top that I got from Ms. J last time we visited Oslo. It is meant as a little cheeky hint to my long (and sometimes very "unruly" legs). Don't know what she is on about...haha

Pippi Longstocking

This is the view from kitchen to our backyard on a sunny day. The pictures above the door are old commercial postcards from France. I think they are a bit funny.

In three weeks we are expecting delivery of new sofas as well. We will also need an electrician to install new heaters and towel rack (think I mentioned this last month as well...nothing happened so far).
Otherwise we are waiting for warmer days. In three months we are having visitors from home. Can't wait. We are really looking forward to it and are already planning what we are going to do while they are here.

Have a great day! Big hugs.

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