27 April 2011

Herbert has moved in!

Now you probably think we have gotten a flatmate or a cat or something dodgy....and it could have been if it wasn't for that Herbert is a....


herb pot full of delicious herbs - and from today on also winter salads!

Herbert (prenounced without the h as he is a bit French - and it sounds posh)

I have finally gotten the garden I have always wanted. It is not huge, just a nice size for us and we have just started to tidy up a bit. There are some old plants that probably have been here a tad too long...and we want something totally different.

One thing I have always wanted in a garden was herbs and salads. Just the luxury of being able to pick your own herbs for dinner sounds great to me. I have tried a little bit of gardening before, but we only had a balcony before and it had limits to what you have space for.

The climate here will probably give me some extra help as well to keep the greens alive (I hope).
The best part is that it can keep growing through the winter. I can assure you, I am not used to that!
Now I have spicy basil, red basil, normal basil (did I say I love basil?), parsley, curry!!! (cool eh?), pizza thyme, coriander and now also a selection of salads. And by the way, isn't that herb pot a clever thing?
This is what I should have had when I had a balcony.....

So if the herbs survive the winter I will consider my fingers to be slightly green....and I will be so surprised...
In the meantime, I will keep on cutting down old plants. Feel like the gardening terminator... I'll be back!

An olive tree has moved in as well...


  1. Very nice Olive three - remember your photo of the tree from Copenhagen ;) Thought Herbert was a cat moving in ;) so you got me fooled ;)
    Love the herb pot - nice!
    Ms. J

  2. Hi Ms. J!

    Yes, I have finally gotten my own olive tree!!! Yey!...

    Sorry about fooling you. I wish Herbert was a cat, but at least all of Herbert's tenants taste really good...haha


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