22 March 2010

Sivert Høyem : Moon Landing

It's time for some more music. It's Monday. We need to cheer up. On behalf of my friend Linda, I want to introduce you to Sivert Høyem, former vocalist of the band Madrugada. This is one of her favorites and that was a good enough reason to add it to the blog. The song is from the album "Moon Landing", released in 2009.
Co-producer Cato Salsa Thomassen is on the guitar. You get too see a bit from Norway as well. Do you like the cabin?

I have always thought about this guy's music as melancholic and gloomy (I guess these words have the same meaning, but together they are kind of double trouble...ha!). I have to admit that these two songs are far from gloomy so maybe his old band played that kind of music?

Below song is from the same album and is called "Belorado". Most of the video was filmed on a rooftop in downtown Oslo in November 2009. Looks cold....
Thanks Linda! See you soon! :0)

Sivert Høyem: vocals, Cato Thomassen : guitar, Rudi Nikolaisen: bass, Christer Knutsen: guitar &
Bjørge Fjordheim: drums

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