11 March 2010

Devonport, Auckland (and movie)

Hi to you all,

I sent this greeting to friends and family in Norway (who had everything from -3C to -19C at the time) to cheer them up a bit and to remind them that there will be a new summer some time...
You may need a bit of cheer up yourself if you are stuck in the office during this great summer!

I really enjoyed visiting Devonport. It is close to the city, but still a small world away when it comes to the more quiet lifestyle than city life can bring.

I have changed a little bit on the template and am now allowed to add movies as well.
Here is the little clip from Devonport that I filmed while there. Don't get dizzy..

The night before I went to Devonport, it was raining (bliss!). The air was crispy in the morning and it felt really good after weeks of hot and sometimes muggy weather.
There is no sun in these pictures but it was a great day to walk around Devonport to take pictures.

To arrive in Devonport felt a little bit like childhood summer holidays when you arrive and just know that there is a whole lifetime of time off coming. The houses and wooden fences are white and it reminds me a lot of the houses and towns in southern Norway which actually have rules about what colors you can paint your house in (read: white, white and more white!)

Here are some more pictures:

Departure from the ferry building in downtown Auckland

A very welcoming bench by the ferry building in Devonport.
The cushion says "enjoy" so twist my arm then... :0)

Art Of This World Gallery - great art shop in Devonport

A tree to climb...

After seeing this tree, I understand where
Peter Jackson got some of the inspiration for
the Lord of the Ring movies.


Garden gate

Ready to go...

The best looking garage ever....

Lovely, white houses

My house...haha

Summer greetings from Torhild

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