26 March 2010

Dum Dum Boys : Splitter Pine

Happy Friday - again! Time for some proper old Norwegian rock - this time in Norwegian! This song is close to a national anthem back home. Everyone knows it, everyone can sing the chorus and it is a proper party song.

Dum Dum Boys started up in 1985, but had been playing in another band called "Wannskrækk" since the late 70's. The band name came from an Iggy Pop album called "Idiot" (1977).

The guitar riffs in the beginning of the song are world famous in Norway! The song is about stress and nagging and a bit of funny song to sing when you just have had enough! Do not be surprised if others join in if you are starting singing the chorus!

This song was on the album "Splitter Pine" which was released in 1989. The band is still releasing new albums and having concerts around the country. The last single is called "Snø Mars", released in 2009.

Today the band consist of : Per Øyvind "Prepple" Houmb, Kjartan Kristiansen, Aslak Dørum and Sola Jonsen.
...and here is "Snø Mars":

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