30 April 2011

Goosebump music

It's time for some goosebump music after hours in front of the TV watching the very romantic wedding.
This is birthday and Christmas at once for me. Listen to Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero performing together!
Listen to Miserere (and if you like to listen to Italian, you'll have the desert before the main)...

What I actually was looking for was a couple of talents from Britain's Got Talent. Got sidetracked on the way though. No news there...

One was Michael, an IT Engineer, who sings Tracey Chapman's "Fast Car". I really love it when somebody being judged by their looks and outfits showing off a excellent talent that surprises everyone.
Imagine this song in your ears, on the beach, warm wind and a piña colada.


then I was looking for Paul Pott with his lovely voice. No embedded link for this one unfortunately, so have a look here for more goosebump rock :) Also have a look at his own web page here.


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