5 April 2011

Pooky Street

I have been looking for these commercials for a while but could not for my bare life remember who had made them. Today, they popped up on TV again. This is from the power supplier Genersis Energy NZ and the stars of the video are the little pukeko family. Pukeko is a NZ native bird. Aren't they cute? Just look at how the little ones are walking...ahhh...

...and one more...

"Scroll down" to see Behind the Scenes...

..and then I found this one.
Behind the scenes - How to train your Pukeko in three easy steps....
Watch and learn...


  1. How great! Impressive how they make it.
    The young ones had really big feet - gosh!
    Mrs. J ;)

  2. So sweet! We should have some of those here in Norway..:)

    Hugs from Ingrid :)


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