29 April 2011

Is it or isn't it?

What do you think?
You have probably seen her images before. These photos are taken by Alison Jackson, photographer, well known for her jaw dropping pictures of celebrity lookalikes. A while ago, we could see pictures of the queen sitting on the toilet, Elton John getting a colonic and Keith Richard ironing his knickers. Sounds familiar?

During these pre-wedding days I thought these photos were appropriate while we are counting down to see THE dress. For more photos, check her web page at http://www.alisonjackson.com/

The Royals' preparations for the big day. Picture from www.alisonjackson.com

The Queen and Kate getting to know each other while watching the horses....Picture from www.uncut247.com

Listen to Alison Jackson giving a talk on her interest for photography of the lookalike celebrities and how it all started (ok, a bit rough in the beginning, but it gets better). She must have an immaculate imagination!!!
Get a cup of tea before you start this one. It takes 17:40 min. to get through it. It's worth it though. There are a few laughs.

PS. If you still are in doubt. The pictures are not of the Royals...

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  1. Haha :)Thanks for the link! I have not seen it before!

    Hope everything is ok under there & wish you a great weekend!!

    xo, Ingrid


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